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"Houston… Kuhl-Linscomb, a design and lifestyle shop… this is your hometown's best boutique (several of them, actually) blown up to Texas-size proportions."  Read Full Article

"14 Best Things to do in Houston... Shop... You'll need a map to navigate Kuhl-Linscomb, a rambling high-end specialty shop..."  Read Full Article

"When in Houston…you need look no further than design-and-lifestyle emporium Kuhl-Linscomb…70,000 square feet…sharply curated collections…containing treasures from the classic to the avant-garde."  Read Full Article

"Kuhl-Linscomb… A visionary megaplex of stores… a more powerful spiritual experience."  Read Full Article

"Houston's Hidden Gem… Eclectic design & lifestyle store Kuhl-Linscomb."  Read Full Article

"We love Texas…our favorite shops…Houston Best All-In-One Kuhl-Linscomb…draws a loyal clientele with its masterful mix of sought-after items."  Read Full Article

"…destination boutiques…The best-curated culture and couture shopping treasures in the world merit cult status and obsessive disciples. Here are six definitely worth the trip…Kuhl-Linscomb, Houston" Read Full Article

"It's easy to spend both hours and money in my favorite: Kuhl-Linscomb, an upscale souk of a retail experience selling a mix of… among other things"
         Chicago Tribune

"Kuhl-Linscomb is Houston's answer to ABC Carpet: a string of bungalows stocked with… lines."

"Destination > Houston… for the edgy and unique… iconic Kuhl-Linscomb features a dazzling array of…"

"Kuhl-Linscomb… The Houston Shopping Institution… sets the bar for one-stop-shopping…"  Read Full Article

"Kuhl-Linscomb's - lifestyle store: The best of the best in every category…village of buildings…There is nothing like it in town, and maybe in the whole country"  Read Full Article

"HOUSTON BLASTS OFF… cutting-edge boutiques…for design shopping… A staggering array of housewares, furniture, and accessories commingle at the 70,000-plus-square-foot multibungalow store Kuhl-Linscomb…"  Read Full Article

"Why now is the perfect time to visit Houston... Art and Commerce diversions for everyone... Shopping... Kuhl-Linscomb..."  Read Full Article

"The Best Home Stores in America… treasure troves… carefully curated gems… Design Destination Kuhl-Linscomb… Plan to stay awhile… two city blocks…"  Read Full Article

...Our guide to the coolest things to do in Space City... Shopper's Mecca at Kuhl-Linscomb     Read Full Article

"Where to shop…For tastemakers, a visit to Kuhl-Linscomb is essential…unpretentious, Texas-sized…sprawling design and lifestyle store."  Read Full Article

"Most stores featured here are small boutiques, but Kuhl-Linscomb is an exception - a 70,000 square foot store spanning five buildings..." Read Full Article

"Kuhl-Linscomb is by far the best retail store I have ever been to in the USA… No one else in the country is doing anything like this… "  Read Full Article

"Houston's most unique shopping destination…Kuhl-Linscomb has become a destination for many Houstonians and tourists."  Read Full Article

"Dwell editors reveal their favorite…our picks for can't-miss stores across the United States… Houston, Texas… Kuhl-Linscomb…"  Read Full Article

"Readers' choice: favorite design store…#1 Kuhl-Linscomb…a contender for eighth wonder of the world…"  Read Full Article

"…still the best store in Houston, only now a little bit bigger."  Read Full Article

"Houston City Guide… 10 Reasons why Houston's now the hottest city in the South… #1 DECOR GALORE… The queen of independent home decor spots is Kuhl-Linscomb a 70,000-square-foot complex…"  Read Full Article

"Shop America… don't-miss shops… shops that will inspire… Kuhl-Linscomb more than a store, it's a campus stocked with the chic, the irreverent, and the hard-to-find… vast selection…"  Read Full Article

"…best stores in Texas… Kuhl-Linscomb is more campus than store…shoppers can pick from the best…in the world… Plan for a long visit." Read Full Article

"But it is Houston's smaller, idiosyncratic shops that add crackle and pop. The boutique scene is vibrant… Kuhl-Linscomb… This high style hybrid…"  Read Full Article

Penguin Arms "…a department store like nothing else I've ever seen, with a highly curated, beautiful and often strange selection of everthing…"  Read Full Article

"Diverse Houston… Mayor shares highlights… Kuhl-Linscomb… Shoppers' Heaven… megastore… never know what you're going to find there."  Read Full Article

"There may be no store like Kuhl-Linscomb in the world. Jonathan Adler, renowned New York based designer, said, Dan and Pam are retail visionaries… the experience of going there is fun and luxurious…"  Read Full Article

"100 Things Every Houstonian Must Do… Houstonians love to shop, and small wonder given the plethora of mega-markets like the upscale Kuhl-Linscomb…"  Read Full Article

"…Haute Houston… Shop… Local favorite Kuhl-Linscomb offers chic wares"  Read Full Article

"Kuhl-Linscomb… Bigger and Better… Shoppers' Paradise…a campus covering almost two blocks… A meandering maze of earthly delights…"  Read Full Article
 Modern Luxury Interiors Texas

"Quirky retailer Kuhl-Linscomb exploits cool factor to carve out niche market… What started as a booth at a flea market has grown into a 70,000 square foot retail mecca with inventory that rivals major department stores."  Read Full Article

"It's the staggering range of items at every price point that makes this a shopper's paradise." Read Full Article

"Best of the City… Kuhl-Linscomb… You could spend hours poring over the five-building Upper Kirby campus' inventory…"  Read Full Article

"You could spend hours… all manner of cool things… products are top quality…"  Read Full Article

"…always a grand entrance stepping over the threshold of the palatially chic Kuhl-Linscomb… one of the largest privately owned design and lifestyle shops in Houston…"  Read Full Article

"Cool: By the Numbers… what makes Houston cool. Want an inside edge?…5 Bungalows filled with unique finds at boutique retailer Kuhl-Linscomb."  Read Full Article

"WINNERS… Locals' Choice Award…"  Read Full Article

"Houston Top Shops… Our favorite locally-owned boutiques… Kuhl-Linscomb one of Houston's best and most diverse shopping spots…a must-see…"  Read Full Article

"Best Gift Shop…You're going to want to devote some time to Kuhl-Linscomb's sprawling campus…a convenient one-stop shop…"  Read Full Article

"Kuhl-Linscomb, a unique retailer that many local and national design and lifestyle experts consider to be one of the country's premier all-in-one emporiums…Houston's premier destination for the best of the best…visitors to this unique store are blown away with the variety and quality of products offered…miles apart from every other store in its class"  Read Full Article

"…a retail destination in itself… artfully arranged items… carefully curated… selections range from product lines by top-name designers to one-of-a-kind…"  Read Full Article

Penguin Arms "Modern in Houston - Endangered… Penguin Arms Apartments" Read Full Article

Penguin Arms "Kuhl-Linscomb, the most interesting department store in Houston..." Read Full Article

Penguin Arms "The Linscombs, owners of Kuhl-Linscomb, have saved a number of houses on the street to serve as charming storefronts for their world of furniture, design objects and everything beautiful…" Read Full Article

Penguin Arms "Fear not, midcentury modernists: The Penguin Arms has found some saviors" Read Full Article

Penguin Arms "The Penguin Arms apartments… appeared in a magazine article that gave Googie architecture its name." Read Full Article

"…a tour de force of American retailing…every piece is carefully curated…this is where design-savy Houstonians bring out-of-town guests"  Read Full Article

"Given the choice between quantity and quality, people usually want the latter - but at Kuhl-Linscomb, you don't have to choose…award-winning design and lifestyle retailer Kuhl-Linscomb offers a vast array of products from around the world…good design and careful product selection serve as the basis for this lifestyle superstore…architects, designers and school groups use the store as inspiration." Read Full Article

"DESIGNS FOR THE KUHL KIDS… Design-minded moms and moms-to-be will love Kuhl-Linscomb's expanded offerings for trendy tykes…" Read Full Article

"Style and Design Guide…smart shopping in Houston… Kuhl-Linscomb…store has become so sprawling that it could easily be its own small town. To help you find your way, there's even a map of the 70,000 square feet of five impeccably designed showrooms…" Read Full Article

"Vast…lifestyle store…A mind-boggling assortment of must-haves for the bed, body or backyard." Read Full Article

"Travel city notebook Houston…Kuhl-Linscomb…no matter what your taste, an absolute must on the list is the one-of-a-kind Kuhl-Linscomb…a lifestyle store with the best in every category…do mean every category, from cosmetics to furniture…a mecca of a larger-than-life store that's a visual feast." Read Full Article  

"Industry 10…These 10 diverse designers are Texas's fashion savant-garde…To stop into, one of the ten, Pam Kuhl-Linscomb's emporium of chic in Houston is to be wowed by its vast inventory of all things hard to find, housed in five separate buildings…" Read Full Article

"Concept store…a special mix of brands and products. It's a modern experience of shopping, always in motion and highly innovative." Read Full Listing

"Best store in Texas List…Top 45 stores in Texas List…from a six week survey conducted by Shop Across Texas Dot Com." Read Full Listing

"What's hot in Houston - Ultimate Houston spotlights our readers and editors favorite places…Ultimate home shopping experience Kuhl-Linscomb...A whole block… -Houston's largest privately owned lifestyle store- continues to evolve with 'store in store' displays featuring the best of the best by designers worldwide Read Full Article

"Shopping trip: Texas…50 best stores in Texas…only in Texas…ever-growing Kuhl-Linscomb has gradually taken over an entire street." Read Full Article

If you can make only one stop, the luxury lifestyle emporium Kuhl-Linscomb, is like a mall in one store." Read Full Article

"Travel Houston…Kuhl-Linscomb. If everything is bigger in Texas, this place is proof. Five (count them) showroom buildings coexist at one location, within a few steps…you name it, you'll find it here… a 70,000 square-foot emporium…you'll love it!" Read Full Article

"The best the Bayou City has to offer…shopping…Kuhl-Linscomb carries the best brands in five different buildings - and it's not a chain!" Read Full Article

"Our top 100 favorite shops in America... Kuhl-Linscomb…why we love it... filled with everything new in modern design that looks equally at home in a 1920's bungalow as it does in a glass-and-steel cube." Read Full Article

"Style makers…an up-close and personal look at four of Texas' top home decor retailers…Kuhl-Linscomb." Read Full Article

"Enter Kuhl-Linscomb you may think you've stepped into one of the best…gift shops and international apothecaries ever…out the back door five showrooms…a must for any home-decor aficionado."Read Full Article

"Ultimate Houston…Check out…editors and readers picks in Ultimate shops and services…Ultimate apothecary Kuhl Linscomb…we could spend hours just sniffing our way through the …well organized Ultimate apothecary. Here you'll find an amazing array of fine skin care, fragrance and beauty products, many of which you won't find elsewhere."   Read Full Article

"Kuhl-Linscomb could not be more cool…This is the place for everything stylish and cool…" Read Full Article

"Houston where to shop...this vast but sensually inviting shopping mecca carries everything for the stylish home…"  Read Full Article

"Shop girl…Destination No. 1 was Kuhl-Linscomb. This complex is a must-shop stop with five buildings full of, well, pretty much everything, it tops my list of best the world for merchandise focusing on bringing the best to Houston." Read Full Article 

"Kim France…editor-in-chief of Lucky Magazine, the award winning magazine about shopping and style…recent visit to Houston…a few local things she loves: Goode Company, Kuhl-Linscomb, and Leap."   Read Full Article

"Never complain of too few choices…in this larger-than-life Lifestyle emporium…Houston and L.A. have something else in common a Fred Segal caliber apothecary…" Read Full Article

"Editors of HG have combed the country to select the best of American decorators working today…The best of American interior design…decorations directory…Pam Kuhl-Linscomb"  Read Full Article

"draws a loyal clientele with its masterful mix of sought-after items…" Read Full Article

"Houston's unique Kuhl-Linscomb store, succeeded by creating an entirely new niche… Houstonians seeking high-end goods across a wide variety of categories have been shopping in droves at this one-of-a-kind 'lifestyle' store. The store merchandise reads like a who's who of the top vendors across the spectrum."   Read Full Article

"An upscale specialty store so compelling…it's all so very chic... the ultimate one-stop shopping experience with so many layers, any attempt at an accurate description comes up short. ...EVERY thing you could possibly ever want... constant influx of inventory. It's never predictable and always a genius mix…There's something for absolutely everyone. No exceptions!" Read Full Article

"everything you could want…lots of unusual pieces" Read Full Article

"The 'best of the best' in bedding, bath, furniture, tabletop, jewelry, books, cards, apothecary and even the most cutting-edge CD's…furnish your home with contemporary chic or fabulous antiques. It's like no other store you've ever seen…" Read Full Article

"…Kuhl-Linscomb arguably the city's finest furniture and home accessory retailer. Read Full Article

"Shopping Report…Houston…Kuhl-Linscomb…first-time visitors can be overwhelmed by the huge selection of merchandise at this home decor and beauty emporium. Guests use take-along maps to navigate the five adjacent buildings, all of which are dedicated to a specific category of goods." Read Full Article

"Super hot... our annual listing of the best of the best in town…Kuhl-Linscomb… a trip to Kuhl-Linscomb is a treat in itself… Adds the imaginative to the everyday…an amazing store with so much to see… a one-stop shop for home decorators …one of a kind treasures to adorn your home…Kuhl-Linscomb is a lifestyle store for almost any lifestyle." Read Full Article

"A one-stop…style emporium…brimming with enough temptations to make even the most hardened shopaholic go weak in the knees…one of the best selections of modern furniture this side of Milan and antiques from around the world." Read Full Article

"Serving a choosy clientele at Kuhl-Linscomb…The store is one of the bigger and more impressive examples of a retail trend known as the lifestyle store…Pam Kuhl-Linscomb has the advantage of being an interior designer, and her store reflects her eclectic tastes: a visual feast…"  Read Full Article

"Kuhl-Linscomb a Better Business Bureau Pinnacle winner of The Awards for Excellence… a Lifestyle store Kuhl-Linscomb features products for individuals, family, home, garden, office and pets… Recognized in local, national and international media for being the 'best' within specific categories…"  Read Full Article

"Favorite Houston shops… Kuhl-Linscomb for the mix of modern European and classic antique furniture, plus to-die-for bed, bath and garden sections." Read Full Article

"Profile Kuhl-Linscomb…Kuhl-Linscomb lifestyle store regularly featured in the pages of National Magazines… evolved from Pam's design firm…and her management buying in the retail/fashion industry…" - Read Full Article

"…our favorite stops…Kuhl-Linscomb…70,000-square-foot lifestyle emporium comprises five showrooms." Read Full Article

"Kuhl-Linscomb … the largest privately owned lifestyle showroom in Houston. This decorative haven, owned by renowned designer Pam Kuhl-Linscomb, is actually composed of five separate showrooms…" Read Full Article

"…at the chic Kuhl-Linscomb store…expanding on Kuhl-Linscomb's unique presentation of design and lifestyle products." Read Full Article

"As part of Design Italia week in Houston, Texas, the Italy-America Chamber of Commerce along with furniture representative Federlegno-Arredo hosted a lecture by Italian architect and industrial designer Piero Lissoni. His presentation…took place at the University of St. Thomas. A party followed at Kuhl-Linscomb's showroom." Read Full Article

"The latest on luxe shopping in Houston…Houston must stops…Kuhl-Linscomb" Read Full Article

"The enormous Kuhl-Linscomb…hand picked the best lines so that clients can buy anything from bedding to jewelry…even a pet supply department." Read Full Article

"The store has serious hangout appeal…a plethora of home furnishings…just go and get there before you're left out of the cocktail conversation" Read Full Article

"Executes the department store idea without the department store mentality..." Read Full Article

"Shop this modern mega-emporium…" Read Full Article

"It's so Kuhl in Houston" Read Full Article

Plus1 Living Japan - Read Full Article

Todo Texas Mexico - Read Full Article

"Perfect Pages at Kuhl-Linscomb"  Read Full Article

"The ultra-cool design store…check out Kuhl-Linscomb's selection…"

"The ultimate design and lifestyle store in Houston, the Kuhl-Linscomb showroom offers great style in contemporary design. The latest and best in the world of contemporary design and minimalist design."

"This emporium is chockablock with the elegant to the Kitsch, African to Parisian, and expensive to economic… A multi-national mélange of great gifts, haute home furnishings and an apothecary bubbling over with high-end lotions and tonics."

"…the ever-mushrooming Kuhl-Linscomb retail complex…local home and design super store…"

"It's been written up by national magazines as one of the hippest stores in Houston…Kuhl-Linscomb has earned a reputation for carrying the 'Best of the Best' name brands"





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