Store Policies


Proof of purchase is required for a refund, exchange, or Kuhl-Linscomb Gift Card. To receive a full refund of purchase price, exchange, or Kuhl-Linscomb Gift Card, items must be returned in its original condition and packaging, unused, unopened, and not damaged. Items not in original condition or packaging may be refused for return. Returns of gifts will only be accepted with a Kuhl-Linscomb Gift Receipt. Returns with a Gift Receipt will be refunded as credit on a Kuhl-Linscomb Gift Card at the original purchase price.

Full refunds are only issued within seven (7) days of purchase. Store credit is issued on a Kuhl-Linscomb Gift Card for items returned up to 30 days after the date of purchase or for items returned with a Gift Receipt.

  • Within 7 Days From Purchase:
    • Refund is issued to the original credit card used for purchase. Card must be present.
    • Cash refunds for purchases made by cash for less than $75
    • Refunds by company check for purchases by check or cash over $75
  • Up to Thirty (30) Days From Purchase:
    • Refund issued on Kuhl-Linscomb Gift Card.
  • The Following are Not Eligible for Return or Exchange (Final Sale):
    • Cosmetics/Skincare
    • Down Pillows & Comforters
    • Mattresses
    • Hair Brushes
    • Fragrances
    • Underwear/Intimates
    • Seasonal Items
    • Sale & Clearance
    • Personalized/Monogramed Items
    • Gift Cards
    • Special Orders
    • Shipping Charges

Sale/Clearance items are FINAL SALE. Sale/Clearance items are sold “AS IS” and should be inspected carefully by the customer.

Kuhl-Linscomb will work with its vendors to replace any manufacturer’s defects one year after the date of delivery, but cannot guarantee replacement. Final Sale merchandise is not eligible for replacement due to manufacturer’s defects. Kuhl-Linscomb does not offer refunds for items damaged by weather conditions, washing, or customer wear and tear. The customer is responsible for merchandise once it has left Kuhl-Linscomb property. Product damaged during customer transport is not the responsibility of Kuhl-Linscomb.

If you have any questions, please contact us at 713-520-4006/4007 or



  • All special orders and custom orders are FINAL SALE.
  • Kuhl-Linscomb is obtaining specific product(s) per your request. Therefore, special orders cannot be canceled, returned, or refunded after the special order has been confirmed. If product pricing changes before an order is confirmed with the manufacturer, the customer will be notified to approve or reject the order.
  • A full deposit is required for special orders being drop-shipped to the customer or totaling less than $1,500.00.
  • Special orders totaling $1,500.00 or more require an initial 50% deposit, calculated on full retail price. The remaining balance is due when the product has been shipped and is in transit to Kuhl-Linscomb from the manufacturer.
  • Product will be delivered to Kuhl-Linscomb. Delivery to any other location has additional shipping charges. Expedited shipping, whether domestic or from overseas, is also offered at an additional cost to the customer.
  • Kuhl-Linscomb has no control over shipping delays due to inclement weather, port-of-call, container/air shipments, or any other issues related to the transport of product to Kuhl-Linscomb. Such delays may impact estimated delivery dates. Kuhl-Linscomb has no control over these delays, therefore concessions such as discounts or cancellations will not be made for delayed orders.
  • U.S. Customs randomly selects containers to inspect. By law, Customs can take up to 30 days to inspect products coming into the United States. Kuhl-Linscomb has no control over Customs delays.
  • Customers must pick up merchandise within seven (7) days of being notified by a sales associate or arrange for a third-party delivery service. Any items not removed from the store within seven (7) days will be sent to storage. Storage fees will apply for furniture and oversized items. If items are stored and unclaimed for longer than one (1) year, the product becomes property of Kuhl-Linscomb and no refund will be issued.
  • Upon delivery, Kuhl-Linscomb will inspect for damages and resolve any findings with the manufacturer. Colors may vary from sample provided to the customer at the time of purchase. Significant variances may be included in damages, but slight variation is not considered a valid reason for return. Should the manufacturer partner with Kuhl-Linscomb to replace items that have subtly varied from the sample shown, the customer is responsible for the incurrence of any and all shipping charges.

The full Special Order Policy is available from a Sales Associate by request. If you have any questions, please contact us at
713-520-4006/4007 or




The Kuhl-Linscomb Gift Registry is a Credit-Based Registry, which means that the registrant will not receive physical gifts from purchases made online or over the phone. The gift money that is accrued from purchases will be documented by Kuhl-Linscomb and converted to Store Credit to be used at the discretion of the registrant.

Family and friends can purchase from the registry by placing an order online, by phone, or in store. A gift notification will be emailed to the registrant for all gifts purchased, physical or credit. The gift notification will include all details about the gift: name of purchaser, date of purchase, item description, total retail price, and any message that has been left for the registrant.

The Kuhl-Linscomb Gift Registry associates keep a Record of Purchases for all gifts, which can be requested by the registrant at any time. The record helps registrants to keep track of their total credit and is a convenient tool for writing “Thank You” notes to family and friends. The Kuhl-Linscomb Gift Registry associates are the point of contact for the registrant throughout the Registry Period. If at any time the registrant would like to modify their registry, the registrant should contact a Kuhl-Linscomb Gift Registry associate by emailing calling 713-520-4015.

Authorized registrants are listed in the initial contract required for all Gift Registries at Kuhl-Linscomb. Unless Kuhl-Linscomb is given written authorization from the registrants, the registrants are the only person(s) who may make changes to the registry or spend store credit. Kuhl-Linscomb requires registrants to show photo identification when making purchases using store credit.

The Registry Period ends one (1) year after the wedding date. At this time, the registry will be removed from the Kuhl-Linscomb website and any remaining store credit will be transferred to a K-L Gift Card. Gift cards do not expire and there are no fees associated with retention or use.

  • The online gift registry system is completely credit-based. Kuhl-Linscomb will not mail or send gifts purchased online. Once a purchase has been made on the Kuhl-Linscomb website, a gift notification will be emailed to the registrant within seven (7) days.

  • When friends and family visit the store, they can request to view a current copy of the registrant’s wedding registry and purchase a gift at that time. A gift notification will be sent by email to the registrant for all gifts, physical or credit. If a customer wants to purchase an item that is not in stock, the registrant will receive store credit for the amount of the item and Kuhl- Linscomb will not special order the item until the registrant has provided authorization.

    Kuhl-Linscomb offers complimentary gift wrapping on all in-store purchases and wraps with care. Gifts wrapped and taken from the store leave in good condition. Kuhl-Linscomb is not responsible for gifts damaged after they leave the premises. However, if the registrants receives broken merchandise, registrants will receive a 30% discount for replacement items. The discount is exclusively for items listed on the registrant’s gift registry.

  • Whether it be a wedding, baby, or other special occasion, planning for a memorable event can be stressful. Kuhl-Linscomb’s credit-based registry is designed to alleviate the headache of making tough decisions on the fly. We make the process fun by being credit-based, allowing registrants to fulfill what they really want when they really want it! Registrants may visit the store and decide how to spend their store credit at any time they wish. While most registrants do a large fulfilment after their wedding date, store credit is available to use and apply towards in-store purchase and special orders as soon as it has been gifted.

    Part of fulfilling a registry is special ordering items that are out-of-stock, custom, or personalized. Fine China is almost always a special order, as Kuhl-Linscomb does not stock deeply in most patterns. All special orders are final sale, and cannot be exchanged or returned. Therefore it is important that the registrant has made a final decision before deciding to fulfill any items that need to be special ordered.

    Items that are purchased from Kuhl-Linscomb by guests may be exchanged or returned for store credit up to 90 days after the event date for the purchase amount originally paid. To be accepted for exchange or returned for store credit, the item(s) must be listed on the registry Record of Purchases and in original condition and packaging. Items purchased from Kuhl-Linscomb, but not processed through the registry, will be returned within the standard store policy for returns. The standard store policy exclusions for returns apply to both registry and standard returns/exchanges. Refunds for registry gifts will not be tendered with cash or credit card.

    Items on registries are subject to price increases and decreases, as dictated by Kuhl-Linscomb’s vendors, between the time the registry was made and fulfillment. Many standard increases respond to vendors’ material availability, changes in production, currency conversion fluctuations and other tariffs that affect imported items. If there is a difference in the price of an item shown on the registry and the current Kuhl-Linscomb retail price, the registrant is responsible for paying the current retail price at the time of fulfillment.

  • Kuhl-Linscomb is honored to help registrants during the special times of their lives. To make the registration experience even more rewarding, Kuhl-Linscomb incentivizes fulfillments by rewarding a Kuhl-Linscomb Gift Card for the following amounts, based on the total purchases made towards items on the gift registry up to one year after the registrant’s event date. Total registry purchases used to calculate these benchmarks do not include shipping and handling.

    Silver Total Registry Purchases of $2,500 - $4,999 receives KL Gift Card of $250
    Gold Total Registry Purchases of $5,000 - $9,999 receives KL Gift Card of $500
    Platinum Total Registry Purchases of $10,000 or more receives     KL Gift Card of $1,000

    In addition to the KL Gift Card incentive, there is also a Registry Completion Program. This program allows the registrant to purchase items from their registry that were not fulfilled at 20% off for up to six months after the event date. Only items listed on the online gift registry prior to the event date will be included in this program.

    If the registrant qualifies for multiple discounts or chooses to purchase items at special pricing, it is Kuhl-Linscomb’s policy to honor the greatest discount available. Kuhl-Linscomb does not “stack” or allow multiple discounts on any purchase. It is important to note that certain vendors do not allow their products to be discounted. In addition, Kuhl-Linscomb reserves the right to refuse discounts on select items and vendors.

  • Kuhl-Linscomb pays for most standard registry purchases to be delivered to the store. However, expedited shipping, shipping of furniture, and shipping to any location other than Kuhl-Linscomb will incur additional charges. Registry store credit may be used to pay for shipping and handling charges, but is non-refundable and non-discountable.




Kuhl-Linscomb is proud to offer complimentary gift-wrapping to all purchases made in store. Merchandise from other stores will not be wrapped by Kuhl-Linscomb. In order to wrap any gift, it is required that a customer provide their first and last name, telephone number, and email. Only merchandise that has been paid for by the customer will be wrapped. Customers may wait for gifts to be wrapped or come back to pick up their gift at a later date. Oversized items that have been gift-wrapped can be held for 7 days before storage fees apply. If any items, regardless of size, are stored and unclaimed for longer than one (1) year, the product becomes property of Kuhl-Linscomb and no refund will be issued.




Kuhl-Linscomb offers store gift cards for any amount. Once paid, the gift card is loaded with Kuhl-Linscomb store credit that does not expire. There are no fees associated with retention or use. Kuhl-Linscomb is not responsible for lost gift cards. Gift cards may be purchased in store or by phone. Phone orders for gift cards can only be picked up in store, as Kuhl-Linscomb does not mail gift cards.




Interior Designers and Architects are invited to join the Kuhl-Linscomb Trade Membership Program. The program offers all qualified members special pricing and incentives on most product in the store.

To qualify for membership, a designer/architect must provide two of the deliverables shown below, along with an original company business card. All deliverables must include the name of the designer.

  • Sales and Use Tax Resale Certificate (required for all sales tax exemptions)
  • EIN or Tax ID in company name
  • NCIDQ Certificate
  • TBAE registration #
  • Current valid membership to a major design organization: ASID, IIDA, AIA, NKBA, or IDA

Applicants may obtain an application by emailing The signed application can be submitted to the KL Account Department by email (above) or fax: 713-520-4106.

Effective March 1, 2021, the Trade Membership has been updated to the following terms:

Trade pricing applies to items and departments most associated with the home, which...

Bedding & Bath
Furniture, Lighting & Rugs
Decorative Accessories
Home Fragrance
Personal Fragrance
Baby & Children

Trade pricing is provided after Kuhl-Linscomb has verified the deliverables provided. Kuhl-Linscomb has sole discretion and reserves the right to make all membership determinations and form requirements. Membership is contingent upon receipt of appropriate credentials and completed application. Kuhl-Linscomb Trade Membership expires two (2) years from the date of application, at which time applicable documentation and forms must be completed to extend membership. Membership may also be terminated at the sole discretion of Kuhl-Linscomb at any time.

Discount adjustments cannot be made to previous purchases. Trade pricing is reserved only for the designer/architect who has completed the application requirements. The designer must be present at the time of all purchases, and photo identification is required. Should an intern or staff member not meet the Trade Membership requirements, trade pricing can only be honored if they use the registered designer’s credit card or company check (with ID). Otherwise, each eligible designer on staff must individually apply for this non-transferable membership, which is always listed under the name of individuals – not companies.

Trade pricing is not valid on gift cards, promotional items, shipping and processing fees, or taxes. Kuhl-Linscomb reserves the right to exclude items from the Trade Membership Program and change discounts offered without prior notice to members. Some vendors do not allow discounts on their products. On occasion, these vendors will offer their own sale, for which we will honor trade pricing or the discount they are offering – whichever is greater. Kuhl-Linscomb does not “stack” or give multiple discounts on any purchase.

All standard store policies on discounts, returns, special orders, and registry apply to all designers in the Trade Membership program.